These fantastic quick fit pool art Motif's make an amazing transformation to your pool. No need to empty the water, no need for glue. Just place the Motif into the pool, gravity moves them simply through the water and holds them in place. You can fit from inside or outside the pool so no need to get wet.


'Mix and Match'. To create your Aqua Range motif, choose a centre (Compass, Turtle, Dolphins, Mermaid, Sun, Medusa) and wrap a Freedom Range border of your choice around it so your motif complements your border.

Shipping extra depending on location.

Classic Compass

Turtle Beach

Dolphin Lagoon

Mermaid Cove

Sun Dance


Sitting Pretty


Why not add finesse to your swimming pool by choosing a stylish motif from our Elegance Range?

Shipping extra depending on location.

Sky Twist

Sand Twist

Mosaic Sailfish

Ocean Blue

Lara Bay Turtle

Turtle Cove


Bespoke designed motif finished at our factory

Why not use one of your favourite photo's to create your own personnel Motif or let one of our designers create something special.

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